Don’t forget to play

“Let’s get back to playing Aunt Stef!” This has become the tagline for my new life under COVID-19 as I’m living under the same roof as an adorable – yet exhausting – toddler.  Like everyone, my life has been altered more than I could have imagined this year, but several months into it – protestsContinue reading “Don’t forget to play”

A Step Back In Time

Opportunity presents itself at the most unanticipated times in our lives. The chance for a hard reset of our lives often is never presented to us or when it is we are quite understandably hesitant to act on it due to a of a host of fears and trepidation.

Meeting Social Obligations

Early in the morning on a recent Sunday I pedaled up Prospect Park southwest, my bike weighed down with cargo and moving at a deliberate pace. The sun wasn’t out in force yet so the warmer-than-usual mid-spring day was still cool and, in the punctuated calm of the pandemic, the streets were quiet.

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