Living the Contrarian Life With Protocols

Do you have a protocol when you reenter your home after going out for a while?

Spraying down the door’s deadbolt lock after use.

As soon as we enter the house, here are our steps:

  1. Lock the door
  2. Hang up the keys
  3. Take off our shoes
  4. Unwrap the mask
  5. Go to sink, wash hands with soap for 20-seconds
  6. Go back to the door with disinfectant and a cloth
  7. Spray down the handle and lock
  8. Spray the keys, cell phone and/or wallet

We’ve been trying to go out when we don’t think others will, which means you get up early in the am to run or bike, go out in the rain or make a grocery store run in the middle of the night. We realized in some ways we’ve already been living the contrarian lifestyle for while.

When we lived in Washington Heights I used to go to the laundromat in the middle of the morning or really early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Grocery stores have always been a little bit crowded when we were in upper Manhattan so we’d also try to go at odd times. The post office also has busy time periods and they tend to be later in the day. One summer morning Andrew and I woke up at the crack of dawn so we could get to the Rockaway Ferry extra early (had to go from near the top of Manhattan to the bottom to get to the dock) and managed to get to Rockaway Beach on July 4th before 9 am. We got to have the beach area to ourselves for at least few hours before it started to get crowded. Then we packed up and headed home to chill!

The end of the line overlaps with the beginning after wrapping around the perimeter of the building at Costco in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

However successful we’ve been at contrarian life these days, we still haven’t found the best time to hit up Costco in Brooklyn. We attempted to go on a random Wednesday during our lunch hour and the line was around the entire perimeter of the store, I kid you not.

I asked one of the Costco employees how long the wait will be at a minimum and he said “at least an hour and a half.” Forget it. He said “at least,” which meant the wait time could be hours before we’d even get in and probably need another hour to shop. We turned right back around. I’ve successfully been able to find a Instacart Costco delivery slot and got most of what we needed delivered. But I’d rather not make someone else shop for us when we’re capable, so it’s not super ideal.

We are still going to figure out some things as we go, but I think we’re doing a pretty good job managing change. Both big and small changes can be stressful. If you’re interested in trying out some contrarian hacks and other tips for living in the city during these times, check out the Medium article I wrote.

Hope you’re figuring out how to adapt and go with the flow at this time as well. Wishing you health, safety and happiness this week.

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