Embrace the Good and Remember to Laugh

Are you reading the news lately? While it’s all well and good to keep up with the latest news and converse with community groups online, you have to watch out for your wellness too. So to embrace all the good and humor still out there, here’s a list of lists!

First, here’s a quick list of things to remind you of all the good that is happening:

  • Pollution has decreased everywhere. People can see the sky clearly for the first time in a long time over many major cities. This might be temporary, but this is also a moment we can literally see what we’ve been missing out on. It’s also a signal from the universe telling leaders to act on this golden opportunity and do something bigger, more revolutionary to keep our air and skies clean and healthy.
  • Dogs are no longer available to adopt or foster in shelters because they have all been adopted or are being fostered in various states. That’s pretty awesome.
  • People are more courteous of personal space here in NYC than ever before. (Personally, I’m usually as the smaller or more petite person and will lose the silent battle of “who’s gonna move first” while sharing a sidewalk. But not anymore.) Maybe not everyone is actually being courteous by moving away from each other, perhaps they are being cautious, maybe even fearful, and also following state orders. But I’m going to believe it’s also simultaneously a new kind of respect and courtesy we’re showing to each other on the streets.
  • E-bikes became legal in New York and now delivery workers can stop being hassled about their mode of transportation.
  • Bicycle sales are surging across the city, new bike lanes are being built for us all and it’s wonderful. (De Blasio still needs to be working on properly enforced open streets though.)
  • Essential workers aren’t being taken for granted. We’re all realizing the major impact our USPS, UPS, FedEx delivery people, our nurses, janitors, grocery store clerks, building managers, police, first responders, fire and security personnel … have on our lives. Love and gratitude to them all has been expressed every night around New York City between 6:59 to 7:03 pm. Someone thought of the idea, a “7 o’clock clap,” weeks ago as we first shutdown this city, and then it just kept going every following evening. It hasn’t stopped yet.
  • Mutual aid groups have formed in numerous neighborhoods and towns across the United States, bringing together a community of volunteers who want to be of service to each other.
  • Companies are finding out that their employees can still be good and productive workers at home. This is going change the landscape of working into the future. More flexibility, autonomy and freedom is coming.
From the Daily Mail in the UK – not all news is bad, some of it can be amusing.

Second, here are great things from my life lately that might inspire some ideas for you:

  • No more gyms or fitness classes means there’s not much else to do outside other than bike and run. I’ve found my cardio health is significantly higher than before. Other than wearing out my shoes or some joints a bit, my lungs are feeling good and strong. I recommend switching up your fitness as much as you can though, strengthen all the parts of our body’s system.
  • We’re donating to causes we care most about right now: I’ll be donating to the Korean American Family Service Center in Queens to help victims of domestic abuse. My brother will be donating to the Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, where he volunteered this past spring break. My partner Andrew donated to the Brooklyn Community Foundation.
  • We received a self-care gift from our friend Rouella. I’m obsessed with the chapstick.
  • We received homemade masks by surprise in the mail from both our friend Olivia (who has also written a post on this blog) and Andrew’s mother who also sent them along with home baked Chex mix.
  • I sent a self care gift to a friend who is one of our brave heroes working on the frontlines of medicine right now.
  • We continue to participate in the daily 7 pm cheer (NYC does this and some other places too) with our marathon day cow bells and by cathartically cheering.
  • We order directly from local restaurants at least once a week. Thai Farm Kitchen and Jalsa Grill & Gravy are two of our favorites.
  • We made a big Thank you sign to our essential workers and hung it up near the building entrance. Someone from FedEx noticed and said they appreciated it.
  • I regularly keep up with the Upworthy instagram page and love it.
  • Also great is @TanksGoodNews
  • And @nickheathsport a UK rugby announcer provides an amazing laugh
  • For a stream of heartwarming, inspiring or unique stories bout every day folks, I keep up with Humans of New York, HONY, which is also on Facebook and Tumblr.
  • I also just learned about SGN, by John Krasinski, highly recommended by our friend Lauren and Andrew’s dad.

And thirdly, here’s some humor I’ve seen around the web. You can find smiles and light even in the darkest times.

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