My name is Sonah. I’m a multimedia freelance journalist based in Brooklyn.

I started this blog to collaboratively journal with friends and family. We’re all affected by this new pandemic in somewhat different ways. I offer this space for you to share and feel more connected as we continue to move forward in this unique time of our lives.

Read on below to learn more about why I began this project.

Every once in a while we see our elderly neighbor in her second floor window from outside our apartment building. Let’s call her Annie. She never steps out of her place even though her husband wishes she would go out sometimes, but she’s perfectly content being at home. The times I do see Annie she’s gazing out the window while leaning on her elbows, white lace curtains draped open on each side of her and watching the world (and traffic) go by. She always notices me looking up at her and whips out her right hand to wave quickly back to me, grin on her face.

This is the only way I’ve known Annie, waving through the window. Now during these pandemic times, life must be pretty much status quo for her. But now, in our own way, we are all waving through a window at each other – some are physical and many windows are digital.

The initial couple of weeks involved non-essential businesses shutting down, rearranging our home into an impromptu coworking space and canceling all Spring travel plans. Some of us might have succumbed to brief online shopping binges, while others are eating more Oreos at a pace that may not seem acceptable to their primary doctors. We’re all now working from home, still going into work in the hospital/store/post office/etc., we’re looking for jobs, finishing the school semester virtually, succeeding and failing at juggling “home schooling” kids and all the other things that just have to be done. We’re running, biking, ordering food from our favorite local restaurants, cooking food a whole lot more, buying groceries like we’re on an expedition. It’s hard to say “that’s about it these days,” because it can all still feel like a lot. During these weeks we’ve been doing our best to keep up with friends, the latest news and our community. Neighbors have formed a Facebook group to check in on each other and on vulnerable neighbors like Annie.

I believe what makes us stronger as humans is that desire to contribute to the world in some good way, help find solutions to problems or simply feel that sense of connection with one another. I love the platforms that exist out there that are already doing this – looking at you Upworthy and Humans of New York. This online journal is my effort to also do something positive, interesting and maybe even helpful. My hope is that you, dear reader, finds this website as something different to read than the news or even as a resource somehow.

I’ll be blogging what’s going on during these Covid19 times from home in Brooklyn from a NYC perspective. This blog will also feature conversations, updates and stories from our friends and family from around the country and the world. I hope you feel the sense that we’re all going through something together, on a global level.

If you feel inspired to share your own perspective, story, piece of art or something uplifting or intriguing, let me know. This blog site is public, so feel free to share with anyone else you’d like to include. You can also subscribe on the main blog page to received notifications of new posts if you’d like to follow along.

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