Some U.S. Colleges (like UVM) Are Showing Us How To Manage Living a New Normal

It’s officially near late October and the colleges across the United States that decided to reopen this fall semester are well past a point of reckoning. The end of August and into September felt ominous, the threat of college life shutting down again like many did in March looming closely. By week two of SeptemberContinue reading “Some U.S. Colleges (like UVM) Are Showing Us How To Manage Living a New Normal”

Are Work-From-Home Extensions Predicting the End of This Pandemic?

While cities and states across the nation continue maintaining their own bubbles of restrictions or a lockdown, companies are also making their own calls for how much longer they should allow or require their employees to work from home. As of early September 2020, major companies have extended their work from home policies: until JanuaryContinue reading “Are Work-From-Home Extensions Predicting the End of This Pandemic?”

Embrace the Good and Remember to Laugh

Are you reading the news lately? While it’s all well and good to keep up with the latest news and converse with community groups online, you have to watch out for your wellness too. So to embrace all the good and humor still out there, here’s a list of lists! First, here’s a quick listContinue reading “Embrace the Good and Remember to Laugh”

Where Are We Now With All this NYC?

Here’s a look at how far we’ve come. I find it helpful to take a few minutes and look back at what has happened so far. I’ll update this overview every week or so. Some big ticket items in news as of May 17th, 2020: Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a phased reopening of NewContinue reading “Where Are We Now With All this NYC?”

Living the Contrarian Life With Protocols

Do you have a protocol when you reenter your home after going out for a while? As soon as we enter the house, here are our steps: We’ve been trying to go out when we don’t think others will, which means you get up early in the am to run or bike, go out inContinue reading “Living the Contrarian Life With Protocols”